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Chess Boards

1st Chess Sets offers a variety of chess boards available in all sizes. We offer wooden chess boards, glass boards, boards made of vinyl, leather & marble. Magnetic chess boards also available.

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Black Chess Boards - Ebony Chessboards

1st Chess Sets offers an exclusive collection of ebony wooden chessboards. Each of these chess board feature unique qualities and exceptional designs that are certain to captivate the chess enthusiast attention.

Large Chess Boards

1st Class Chess Sets offers a wide selection of large sized chessboards that are perfect for tournament play. From standard woods, to luxurious and glossy boards we are sure to satisfy your needs.

Leather Chess Boards

A fantastic selection of handsomely hand crafted leather chessboard where you can Choose from a wide range of designs and finishes.

Maple Chess Boards

The best selection of maple woods are used to create this exclusive chessboard collection.

Rosewood Chess Boards

Each of these unique and excepetional chessboards are intricately made from the finest cuts of rosewood.

Unique, Antique, Glass, Ivory & Metal Chess Boards

A wide selection of unique chess boards constructed of glass, ivory, metal & marble. Also includes selections of antique and distressed designs.

Walnut Chess Boards

The classical appeal and the fine craftsmanship of these walnut chessboards are simply stunning!

Wood Chess Boards - Wooden Chessboards

1st Chess Sets offers a collection of wood chess boards, from compact to tournament size. The wide variety of woods and finishes make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

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