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M114. Mega Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game.

Mega Monopoly Game
Price: $39.99


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Play Bigger, Faster, Own More and Get Richer with this fabulous Mega Edition Monopoly Game!
Play Bigger: 50% larger game board than the traditional monopoly board, skyscrapers and new depots.
Play Faster: Instead of two dice you have three to roll on your turn: one which is the special “Speed” dice and the two traditional dice. The Speed Dice gives you a chance to win a free bus ticket and a trip to the next un-owned property.
Own More: 7 new States were added to this monopoly edition were you can buy new properties, like: So. Carolina Ave., Michigan Ave., Massachusetts Ave., Maryland Ave., New Jersey Ave., Arctic Ave., Florida Ave., California Ave., PLUS the Petroleum Company. You can now buy hotels and houses once you own three out of four properties in a group.
Get Richer: By owing more property at a much faster speed you will become a richer person! The Mega Edition Monopoly game now features $1,000.00 bill and a start up play of $2,500.00 dollars.

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