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Play Chess Online versus the Computer

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Think You're Good?

Play Chess Online Against Alex the Web Based
Chess Computer


1) New Game Button: Game starts with you playing the "White" side and Alex the computer playing the "Black" side. If you wish to play a different color, click on the "New Game" button. White always moves first.

2) Settings Button: Fixed Time: To simulate the action of a real game, Alex takes 10 seconds to complete a move. To shorten this time, click on the "Settings" button and reduce the number. We like using "2 seconds". Fixed Depth: How many moves and possibilities deep the computer considers when making its move. The greater the depth number, the more challenging Alex becomes.

3) Move Now Button: During the computer's turn click this button to speed up its move.

4) End of Game: When checkmate occurs you can no longer move any pieces.

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