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Cant view the chess board?
This game requires Java to function. Downloading Java takes a minute and you can begin playing immediately.

Step 1) Go to the website.

Step 2) Click the Free Java Download button. This should take you to the Java installation screen. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Step 3) If a yellow Information bar appears (warning you that the website requires an ActiveX control or add-on from Sun Microsystems), click the yellow bar and then click Install ActiveX Control or Install Add-on. When a Security Warning dialog box appears, click Install.

Step 4) In the Welcome dialog box, click the View License Agreement button to read about the agreement, and then click Accept if you want to install Java.

When you see the successful completion dialog box, click Finish. Java does not require any additional settings or restarts.

Step 5) Return back to the Play Chess Online Against the Computer page and refresh the page to begin playing.